The Foundation at New Jersey Institute of Technology

The NJIT Board of Overseers serves as the governing body for the Foundation at NJIT, a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization which is the fundraising arm of the university. The Board of Overseers has fiduciary responsibility for the Foundation, provides a leadership role in fundraising, and provides a critical link between academe and the business community, providing information on corporate and state priorities and assisting NJIT in meeting research and funding goals.

Board of Overseers Mission Statement

We are a Board of business leaders that provides a critical link between academe and the business community.  We provide information, support and ideas on corporate and state priorities to the university; we act as a sounding board for the President and other senior academic leaders to vet ideas and plans for the future of NJIT; and we assist NJIT’s administration in advancing the university’s mission.

We are committed to aiding NJIT in its quest to provide a quality education and to be recognized as a top-tier center of research.  As a Board we are committed to making a proactive investment through solicitations and introductions in furtherance of those goals - all while prudently co-managing the foundation’s endowment portfolio.