Gifts of Stock and Securities

A gift of stock can be beneficial to you as well as to the university.  For example, a gift of appreciated securities may help to reduce your capital gains tax liability while also providing important resources for NJIT.  As with other types of gifts, you decide how the university uses your gifts of stock.  

Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding gifts of stock:


  • Please be sure to notify the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations by email to advising NJIT of the gift.  Please include the number of shares, name of stock and purpose of this gift.
  • The donor should instruct his or her broker to transfer the securities directly to:
        The Foundation at NJIT account
        at U.S. Bank
  • DTC Participant #2803 - U.S. Bank
  • FFC Account Number 10128468 - NJIT, Attn: Brett Kogler-Schommer
  • For direct Broker Transfers; the date of the gift will be the date securities are received.

For other stock gift options or questions please email Ken Alexo: or call 973-596-8293.

Kenneth Alexo, Jr., Ph.D.
Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations
President of the Foundation at New Jersey Insititue of Technology