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The Enrollment Picture for Private Colleges Isn’t Pretty. But Some Say There’s Hope.
Higher-ed experts weren’t surprised at troubling shortfalls in the Northeast. But they disagreed about what the trend meant — and how colleges should respond.

The College Scorecard Just Got Bigger. Here Are 4 Factoids From the New Data.
Want to know which program types have the highest median debt load? Look no further.

What Killed a Venture-Backed Education Company? Researchers Counted the Ways

A business called American Honors once sought to improve transfer opportunities for community-college students. A new analysis explains how those efforts went awry.

Enrollment Shortfalls Spread to More Colleges
The private institutions, in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions, have rarely, if ever, had to worry about filling their classes.

This Faculty Critic ‘Ran’ for Provost. (Spoiler: He Didn’t Get the Job.)
William T. Harbaugh recently made a public bid to be provost of the University of Oregon, where for over a decade he’s advocated for more transparency by keeping a meticulous record of every controversy.

What I’m Reading: ‘Teaching With Compassion’
An author’s book, and his life, model how to convey kindness, care, and concern to college students.

More Diverse, Still Stratified: Colleges Fall Short on Offering 'Good Value' Spots
Authors of a new book argue that too many students attend financially struggling colleges that are barely equipped to serve them well.

Selected New Books on Higher Education
Among the topics of the latest books are undergraduate research in the first two years of college and adapting high-impact learning practices to online education.

A Commencement Speaker Pledges to Pay Off an Entire Class’s Student Loans
The billionaire Robert Smith makes a stunning announcement at Morehouse College.

Ohio State Sports Doctor Sexually Abused at Least 177 Men
Staff members knew of Richard H. Strauss’ misconduct as early as 1979, a report concludes, but he went undisciplined for 17 years.

‘Someone Is Going to End Up Dead’
The story of a rogue fraternity and the university that couldn’t — or wouldn’t — rein it in.

Colleges Have Anti-Drinking Rules on the Books, but Which Ones Actually Work?
A new study aimed to find out. Tailgating bans? Yeah. Keg registration? Not so much.

They Came, They Saw, They Translated: Here’s How Diplomas Get Their Latin
Every year, colleges that confer degrees in Latin rely on scholars to ensure their translations aren’t a train wreck. It’s a taller order than you might think.

USC Paid Former Medical-School Dean, Accused of Drug-Fueled Double Life, Nearly $1 Million in Severance
The saga of Carmen Puliafito at the University of Southern California is just one of dozens of scandals in recent years that have cost colleges plenty.

Every Year, Boston Asks Its Colleges to Pay for Their Footprint. Every Year, They Come Up Short.
The city created a voluntary program to collect revenue from its largest tax-exempt institutions, like Harvard and Boston Universities. But as contributions fall off, activists demand that the city get tougher.

Why Are SAT Takers Getting an ‘Adversity Score’? Here’s Some Context.
Dozens of colleges are using a new tool that measures students’ socioeconomic disadvantages. It’s an attempt to quantify the challenges many applicants encounter.

New Retirement Deal Could Offer Relief to Pennsylvania’s Struggling Public Colleges
Under an agreement between the State System of Higher Education and its faculty union, nearly 1,000 full-time faculty members would qualify for “phased” retirement this fall.

U. of Texas Is Sued Over Affirmative Action in Admissions. Yes, Again.
The plaintiff is Students for Fair Admissions, the same group that has also sued Harvard and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Why One Scholar Sees Little Evidence on Campus of a Free-Speech ‘Crisis’ — but Plenty of Panic
Jeffrey A. Sachs, a lecturer in politics at Canada’s Acadia University, believes that an overblown fear is gripping administrators and commentators.

Transitions: New President at Iona College, U. of California at Los Angeles Selects Provost
Seamus Carey will step down as chief of Transylvania University to lead Iona. UCLA's next chief academic officer is a dean at Princeton University.

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